Best thing to EVER come out of the typical work Christmas party...

by Kate 8. May 2015 23:30
Oh the annual work Christmas party.  Most people go just to show their face and then they discretely leave because no one truly wants to attend for more than an hour.  And initially this was our plan.  Go in, have a drink, say our hello's and leave.  When we got there I realized ... [More]

Only 7 days left til surgery. Follow my experience all the way up to surgery day. It's the final countdown!

by Kate 8. May 2015 02:00
As time carried on, my belly grew bigger and our relationship with Vincent, the five year old little boy I'm donating to, grew closer.  We saw them a few more times throughout my pregnancy.  We spent fourth of July at the same place as them and spent some summer nights at mutual friends. &... [More]

Meeting my recipient.

by Kate 7. May 2015 00:38
I was 6 or 7 months pregnant in June/July 2011. We were at a huge pig roast with my fiancé and his father at one of their friends house. This was the first time I met the person whom I'm giving my organ too.  Mind you, at the time I didn't have any clue of this.  My fiancé po... [More]

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Health Care Heroes

The answer to the question, "Why in the world would you offer up a body part to someone you don't know"

by Kate 5. May 2015 23:06
I'm assuming after reading my biography you're wondering what inspired me to "save a life."  We're going to take it back to where everything began.  Years ago I was obsessed with television shows like Grey's Anatomy and House.  After watching seasons after seasons, there has always be... [More]

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