The Power of Hormone Implants

by Drs. Gurney & Marina Pearsall 17. December 2013 10:35

Dr. Pearsall

Estrogen and Testosterone implants have been used in the US since 1939. In Europe, this procedure is a standard therapy for aging men and women. Pellet Implants release their hormones in a gentle, consistent and predictable manner than oral, topical and injectable hormone replacement therapy (HRT). The dose used is 6 times less than oral and 50 times less than topical modalities. It mimics your body’s natural Estrogen and Testosterone natural delivery route, conveniently takes just one use every four months, protects you from hormonal decline, increases your bone density 8 times more effectively than oral HRT1 and doesn’t negate the beneficial effects of Estradiol on cardiac and lipid profiles in men. Testosterone implants in men improves their cholesterol profile and provides cardiovascular protection, unlike Testosterone gel and injections, which are linked to risk of MI and stroke2.

1Smith/Studd British Journal of Hospital Medicine, 1993

2Basaria S et al. “Adverse Events Associated with Testosterone Gel Administration.” New England Journal of Medicine, 2010; DOI: 10 .1056

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Todd Atkins
Todd Atkins
1/15/2015 9:47:37 PM #

Wow, this is very interesting.  I am a therapist in private practice here in Baton Rouge and I sometimes work with people who deal with depression and it occasionally involves hormonal deficiencies.  I wonder if the implants would help with depression, where appropriate.  Thank you for this article.e

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