Sex, Exercise and Risk of Death or Heart Attack

by Dr. S. Russell Vester, MD 28. March 2014 09:08

dr. s. russell vester

In this week’s Journal of the American Medical Association there is an article that answers a question everyone wants to know the answer to but is afraid to ask their doctor. And that question is “Can I have a heart attack and die when I’m having sex?”

This, of course, brings to mind certain glib and irresistible answers such as: “It depends on who you’re with” or “Only if you do it right.” But these are not terribly useful and leave us entertained yet still unenlightened.

What the authors of this JAMA article did was compile the results of a bunch of other articles and blended them together using complex statistical methods. What they came up with was further support for what you already know. Basically a scientific “long run for a short slide.”

The article’s conclusion was that the less regular exercise you do, and sex is included here as a form of exercise (at least for one of the parties involved!), the more susceptible you are to having a heart attack and/or dying at a time when you actually do participate in vigorous physical activity.

I know, I know, bit of a “Duh” moment there. But hey, it’s in black and white in a prestigious medical journal yet again. We doctors figure that if we put the word “sex” in the title along with “heart attack” maybe a few more people will read this and get the message. Hope springs eternal.

It is my serious wish that none of us really needs further reassurance that if you’re over weight and out of shape that the only person you’re putting at risk is yourself. If this article gives you further ammunition to try and get your partner to help you with getting regular “exercise” so you can stay fit, I would consider it at least a moral victory.

Have at it.

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