08/25/15- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Friday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 26. August 2014 13:39


There is a low-cost gadget everyone should use to relieve foot stress that you don’t have to order with a 30-day money-back guarantee; a tennis ball! 

A self-administered foot rub improves circulation, relieves tension in the foot muscles, and improves posture and alignment.  You can get a can of tennis balls can be purchased at a used-equipment or dollar store.

Just stand on a mat or carpet with a ball under one foot.  Gently press your body weight into the ball.  Slowly, open and close the foot over the ball.  Do 5-10 times and switch feet (hold your hand on a chair if you don’t have strong balance).You can also keep a ball on the floor under your desk to roll on while working or studying.

Try it out, and though it may initially feel tight, you will feel invigorated and refreshed.

Tip of the Day:

If you feel run down, or depressed, don't let it go on with out getting advice from your physician.  It may be linked to a medical issue or psychological.  Either way, isn't it better to get help then pretend it isn't happening?

08/25/11- Friday Exercise Diary:

Kenpo DVD- 55 minutes

ab DVD- 15 minutes

 08/25/11-Friday Food Diary:

7:00-1 cup egg whites, handful of organic spinac, zuchinni, mushroomsh (120 cal)

2 pieces Bread (whole wheat, I'm using Ezekial bread) (160 cal)

11 a.m.- protein shake, 1/2 cup pasturized egg whites (190 cal)

2 p.m.-3 oz. Beef- I use Bison meat( pan seared) (176 cal)

8oz mixed greens ( organic spinach, spring mix, sweet red pepper, asparagus, brocolli slaw, yellow tomato) (88 cal)

3 oz sweet potatoes ( baked)

6 p.m.- 4 oz Chillean Sea Bass (220 cal)

1 ear corn, roasted (90 cal)

8 oz cauliflower ( steamed) (74 cal)

1/2 tsp Uda's or flax oil ( 65 cal)

8 p.m.- 3 oz chicken breast ( roasted)

8 oz. green vegetables (raw or steamed) (88 cal)

3 oz quinoa (150 cal)

1 Dove sugar free peppermint pattie (40 cal)


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