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by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 28. January 2015 19:48


Sugar is a nemesis for a lot of people in the destruction of their weight loss goals and long-term better health.  It is not accidental that we turn to the sweet stuff to add flavor to processed foods, to calm our emotions, or to aid in an afternoon energy slump! According to AskDrSears.com, "Sweets trigger an increase in the hormone serotonin—a mood-elevating hormone. The body and brain get used to this higher level of serotonin and even depend on it for a sense of well-being. So when our serotonin level dips, (we dip) into the (sweets) to 'correct' the situation."  Serotonin is released when we feel in love, so of course we would like to replicate that feeling often.

There are many problems stemming from ingesting a lot of sugar throughout your day:

1.     Weight management

2.     Energy crash- sugar uses more energy than it produces, so that is why you are left with that low, following the high.

3.     Suppresses the immune system's defenses

4.     Increases the risk of blood clots and strokes

5.     Contributes to hyperactivity, anxiety, depression, and difficulty concentrating (especially in children)

6.     Can lead to, kidney damage, an elevation in harmful cholesterol, Diabetes, and tooth decay (again, especially in children)

But why can’t we stop doing what we know is bad for us?http://www.cincinnati.md/articlepage_cn.aspx?cn-documentid=656439&query=dangers of sugar&s=1&cat=con .  Again, as we spoke of yesterday with the use of diet pills; if weight loss was so easy everyone would be taking diet pills.  Unlike many issues that we try to change gradually, try to give it up cold turkey for three days.  Because the addiction to sugar is so strong, breaking that cycle is critical to success!

The average American adds 31 teaspoons or 124 grams of sugar into their diet every day.  That happens through adding sugar to coffee, the added sugar in juices, processed foods, can and desserts to name a few.  The American Heart Association recommends that added sugar should be limited to no more than 6 to 7 percent of your total calories (not including naturally occurring sugars found in fruit and dairy products.)http://www.cincinnati.md/oh/cincinnati/con-article/658879/dangers%20of%20sugar/sugar-sweetened_drinks_may_pose_heart_risks_to_women_study_suggests.htm   To put this in perspective, if you eat 1,200 calories a day, you should limit your intake to 21 grams of sugar per day. That's the equivalent of about 6 ounces of low-fat fruit-flavored yogurt or one 8-ounce glass of orange juice.   Try to cut out foods with sugar, white flour, and high fructose corn syrup—including cakes, cookies, pastries, and most desserts. It's okay to have a dessert or sugary snack on occasion, but make sure it's not your main dish.


Try to move toward a clean eating diet plan of whole foods that include a variety of vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, low-fat dairy and a small portion of healthy oils, and water.  By removing or at least limiting the sources of sugar including processed foods, and sugar laden drinks, you are improving your health and warding off potential illnesses.


Tomorrow I will give you a list of names of sugar to be aware of.  Let's work together to manage these issues.  Let me know by leaving comments or 'liking' the blog on Facebook.  Thanks.



 Saturday 01/27/12- Exercise Diary

stretch/mobility DVD- 55 minutes

Saturday 01/27/12 - Food Diary:


1 cup egg whites, with spinach (125 cal.)

2 piece Ezekial whole grain, no gluten bread with calorie free butter spray (160 cal.)

A.M. Snack-

1 cup non-fat cottage cheese (160 cal.)

1/2 cup of rasberries(30 cal.)


lo-carb wrap with 1/2 cup organic black beans (washed), 0 % Greek yogurt, mango salsa, 1 oz turkey, asparagus - (300 cal.)

1 whole sweet potato (100 cal.)

P.M. Snack-

1/2 apple( 40 cal.)

12 almonds, roasted, no salt ( 125 cal.)


5 oz Marintaed flank steak ( low sodium tariake )(210 cal.)

3/4 cup whole wheat lemon-pepper pasta with drizzle of EVOO  ( 190 cal.)

steamed snap peas ( 75 cal.)


1/2 cup raspberries, 1/4 cup breakfast cereal, 1/2 cup non fat greek yogurt (150 cal.)

Homemade popcorn ( 90 cal)


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