03/03/15- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Saturday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 4. March 2015 14:44

Here are 12 key home exercises that you can do with a set of  tubes, or bands, or 1-3 sets of barbells. With this plan, you can get an overall body workout. Depending on the amount of time that you can dedicate to these 12, you can break it up over 3 days or up to 5 days. You can always add different exercises for diversity.  

1.Chest Press with barbells- Lay on a bench or stability ball. Slowly lower and raise arms parallel with breast bone straight up (don't allow the weights to drift back toward your head).

2. Bent Over Dumbbell Row- (Back) One hand and one knee on a flat bench. Hold dumbbell (either 8lb- 12 lb for women, more for men) in opposite hand, keep your shoulders square, pull the dumbbell up toward your rib cage. Keep your elbow close to your torso. Pause at the top,  and lower slowly back to start position (don't hyper-extend elbow at the bottom).

3. Ab Crunch- (additional weight is optional). If you choose to add weight, hold a dumbbell by either end) Lay flat on a mat. Exhale and crunch your upper back off the floor by contracting your quadrants from below the breast bone, slowly, down your torso toward your pelvis. Slowly, return to the start position.

4. Stiff-Legged Dumbbell dead lift- (Gluteus-maximus, adductor-magnus) Stand with feet hip width apart, and hold a pair of dumbbells with an overhand grip. With a flat back, head staying in natural alignment with your back, lower the weight toward the floor. When you reach your safe, hinge position (that bend at your hip when you bend over), pause, and then lift back up (making sure you contract your abdominals which helps protect your back from injury).

5. Push up- (Chest) You can do this 'old standard' on the floor, against a stable bench or stair, or on a stability ball.

6. Stability Ball Roll Out- (Abs) You can get a stability ball online or at a sporting goods store (or, use an Ab-roller if you have one). Sit onto your knee's on a mat or pad, with a stability ball 6-8 inches in front of you. Rest your forearms on the ball, grasping your hands together. Roll forward straightening your elbows. Allow your body to lean forward on the ball. Return to start position. Engage your abs throughout the process.

7.Stability Ball Crunch- Lie on a stability ball with the small of your back on the ball. Place your feet on the ground with feet and knee's shoulder width apart. Put your hands behind your head but make sure you don't pull on your neck to make the motion happen. The movement needs to generate from your core, not pulled from your neck. Exhale, and pull your neck, shoulders and back off the ball in a curling motion. An imagery they use in Pilates is that you are curling over the top of a beach ball. Hold for a second at the top, then curl back down slowly, working as much through the core muscle group on the way down as on the way up.

8. Stability Ball Hamstring Curl- Lying in the floor, place a stability ball with your heels securely in the middle, on the top. You'll be in a downward slanting plank, core engaged. Slowly draw your ankle toward your bottom. You'll feel a muscle engagement up the backsides of your legs. Return to the start position.

9. Standing Triceps Extension: Wrap a flat band around one hand. Wrap the other end of the band around the other hand (you will have to play with the distance between your hands depending on your strength/mobility capabilities). Motion your one hand above your head in the back and the other hand besides the small of your back. Pull in opposing directions. Hold at the opposite point, and return to start.

10. Seated Band Row : Sit on the floor with legs extended in front of you. Wrap a tube or band once around your feet. (If it's too short, just make sure it will no pop off the top of your shoes). Hold the handles, and pull toward your navel. Keep your elbows close to your torso, holding at the backside of the motion. Return to start.

11. Band Crunch: Secure your band or tube under a door, or around a secure pole (furniture won't work unless its very heavy, and secure). Lie on your back head facing away from the source that you wrapped around. Grasp the ends of your tube and keeping your hands by your ears, curl up and over toward your feet. Hold at the top and return to start.

12. Stiff -Legged Band Dead lift: Wrap the tube or band around your feet, and step down on the tube. Grasp the tube (shorten the length around your shoes to create a challenging exercise), with a flat but not hyper-extended back, with your head in alignment, raise up from a hinged- forward position. Squeeze your gluts at the top and return to the bent over position. Don't lock your knees at the top.

You only get as much from these, or any other exercises, as you’re willing to put into it. If you feel a sharp pain, STOP. Pain does not mean you’re working harder. Check your form, or stop the exercise and seek advice from a Doctor (use the YourCity.MD main page and the One-Click Relief Center for recommended doctor's names and patient ratings) If you want to see faster results, you have to do the exercises correctly and regularly!

Saturday 03/03/12- Workout Diary:

Day off

Saturday 03/03/12- Food Diary:


French toast (egg white wash, cinnamon) 2 pieces Ezekiel bread (found in freezer organic section)

 (180 cal.)

A.M. Snack-

Whey protein shake, ½ cup pasteurized egg whites (175 cal)


8 oz. Salad- romaine, 4 cherry tomatoes, 1/2 yellow pepper, snap peas (88 cal)

3 oz. vegetable protein crumbles (90 cal)

1/4 cup organic black beans (130 cal)

P.M. Snack-

0 % Greek yogurt with blackberries (190 cal)

15 home roasted, no-salt almonds- (120 cal)


5 oz. Tilapia (110cal)

1/2 cup faro cooked in chicken stock, 1 tbls. butter, sliced almonds (180 cal)

1 cup brussel sprouts with carrots, onions, olive oil, thyme (140 cal)


Handful dark chocolate acai berries (120 cal)



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