Here we go........

by Kate 14. May 2015 22:30

Ten hours til surgery. I can not wait! I can't thank everyone who has followed me along my journey. I'm not nervous, but I am anxious and excited. Hope I have great prayers and thoughts headed towards us! Be sure to check in within the next couple of days!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT AND BEAUTIFUL WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Catch ya on the single kidney side:p -Kate


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Joe Benza, Jr.
Joe Benza, Jr.
5/16/2015 7:17:21 PM #

Surgery was a huge success.  This morning katie had something to eat and though she is in a lot of pain all went as good as could be expected thanks to the great doctors at the Children's Hospital Transplant team.

Vincent is doing even better and his new kidney is doing its job.  His tests have revealed all positive results and this little boy is already hitting the button out of boredom to attract his nurses.  We were told this is a great sign as kids usually don't show this much activity until spending a week in the ICU.

All in all...we are as happy as possible for our 2 champions.  We love Katie for the example she set for those of us with the same desires and none of the guts to follow through.  Count me among them!

Best Health,
Joe Benza, Jr

George Murphy
George Murphy
5/21/2015 6:35:20 PM #

Can't wait to see Katie on Ellen or Anderson. This is a story that deserves national attention.

Well done Katie!

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