by Kate 24. May 2015 14:00

Well I sure did misjudge the post-op pain.  Let's just say it was far from a walk in the park.  It's been a week and two days since surgery and it'll be a week tomorrow that I was released.  Unfortunately, Saturday I started running a fever and was extremely ill so I was re-admitted and released Sunday.  I was dehydrated and had a cyst on my ovary that was rupturing which was why my pain was so significant.  Going backwards now I'll explain my day to day progression.

Coming out of surgery:  Opening my eyes to seeing blurred faces isn't the first thing you expect and MAN WAS I IN PAIN.  In surgery they put a lubricant in your eyes and on your lips to keep them moist.  From all the fluids they were pumping into me I was swollen.  Lets just say it wasn't a "Kodak Moment"  After a night of barely moving, extreme discomfort and many nurse button calls, I wasn't sure I was even gonna survive another day of this.

Day after surgery: Still in an extreme amount of pain they wanted me to get up and walk and to take out my catheter and pee on my own.  Apparently, my body didn't agree.  I went 9 hours and could not pee at all and had to be re-cathed.  Aside that lovely incident, my two IV's went bad and both had to be removed and put back in.  I've got "great veins" but they just weren't top notch I guess because I have bruises and marks where they tried and didn't succeed. But I didn't get up and sit in a chair and get up walked to the bathroom with a lot of assistance.  It was a very long, painful day.

Continue to follow my blog to see how the rest of my painful journey through week one recovery went.

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